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Dec 18, 2018

I’m joined again by my new plant friend and horticulturalist and lighting expert, Leslie Halleck, for part two of my quest to understand what “bright indirect light” really is. If you haven’t yet, listen to last weeks episode where Leslie and I dive into the basics of understanding natural light, and hacks and tricks for measuring your personal lighting environment without any type of app or meter.

Leslie is a Horticulturalist by education and profession with a passion for plants and gardening. She has worked in many sectors of the gardening industry, from nurseries, to being the Director of Horticulture Research at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden to founding Halleck Horticultural, a consulting service for Green Industry businesses. Her book, Gardening under Lights; The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers, is published by Timber Press and is the ultimate guide to understanding artificial lighting for indoor growers of any experience level.

Today, we dive into learning the basics of how to measure light and how to use simple measurements to better understand exactly what light we are personally working with. Leslie gave me a homework assignment which involved me measuring the light in my apartment with a free app, and we walk through what I learned from it. As you’ll find out, my results were surprising and I learned so much from the experience of actually taking measurements of my surroundings. Leslie and I then challenge you to take your own measurements with a free download we provide so you can have all the aha moments I had throughout this process!


In the episode we learn:

  • What the most important colors of light are for growing plants
  • How to use a free app to get a better understanding of your indoor lighting environment
  • What is the difference between LUX, Footcandles and PAR
  • What micromoles are
  • What DLI (Daily Light Intergral) is
  • The results of my homework and how many “aha” moments I had about the ACTUAL light in my apartment
  • How drastic the difference in light is within only a few feet from your window
  • What area of your apartment is probably low light that you never knew about
  • Whether or not you can put plants in a bathroom with no windows
  • Whether or not you can put plants in an office with no windows
  • Citrus under lights, pests


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Mentioned in this episode:

- Lux Light Meter 

- PAR meter

- Soltech Solution Aspect Light (link has BAGR 15% off Affiliate Code) 

- Leslie’s Book, Gardening Under Lights; The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers 


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