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Bloom and Grow Radio

Nov 5, 2019

Thrilled to have the OG Botanical Bro of Bloom and Grow Radio, Chris Satch back today to discuss a very hot topic- Variegation. What the heck is it, why does it occur and how can we foster and encourage it in our plants. I love when Chris comes on the show because we always get nerdy, and this episode explains so much. I’m not going to say anything more about it- because the conversation speaks for itself.

Before we dive into the conversation, Chris has asked me to share some info about an upcoming event he is involved with and very passionate about. He is deeply involved with the Manhattan Orchid Society and they are putting on their annual orchid show in January. The link to the event is in the show notes- they are looking for donations and volunteers to help with the event. Bloom and Grow Radio has donated!

In this episode we learn:

  • What is variegation?
  • Why does it occur in nature?
  • Three different types of variegation: tissue, coloration and pathological
  • What mosaic virus is
  • How variegation occurs in the genes of a plant
  • Variegation vs Variation
  • Can you encourage variegation?
  • How does your plant care routine change for a variegated plant
  • Patreon Plant Friend and Listener questions!

Thank you to this weeks episode sponsors!

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