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Sep 29, 2020

"You can't reach the brain till you go through the heart" - Joe Dombrowski

I'm thrilled to welcome back Joe Dombrowski (@mrDtimes3) to the show after our wonderful episode on Plants in the Classroom a couple of years ago. Since then a lot has changed, Joe and I have become IRL friends (I was able to visit him in 2019 and we took an amazing trip to the Amazon Spheres together which you'll hear about in the episode), Joe has become a full time comedian AND... classrooms are looking very different these days. Since many kids are home with the pandemic, Joe and I thought we'd put together a list of fun planty experiments and projects to do with kids while we spend this time at home together. There is a project for every type of kid and every age. We hope this episode helps with ideas to get children (or adult children like us!) off of their phones and into the dirt and getting curious about plants. Please share your projects with us on instagram! @mrdtimes3 & @bloomandgrowradio

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In this episode we learn:

  • Joe and Maria remember their trip to the Amazon Spheres together
  • Joe's opinion on kids going back to school
  • [12:25] Project 1: Seed Germination in a Bag
  • [19:50] Project 2: Sweet Potato Experiment and understanding the scientific process
  • Project 3: Pothos Propagation 3 Ways
  • Project 4: Fairy Gardens and Terrariums
  • Project 5: List of Interactive Plants for Kids
  • Joe's list of his personal favorite plants in his collection
  • Joe's most recent plant parent win

For photos and instructions for these projects, check the blog for today's podcast

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