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Bloom and Grow Radio

May 6, 2020

So excited to welcome my MOM back to Bloom and Grow Radio today! It feels very fitting to have her joining us so close to Mother's Day! You might remember her from Episode 20: Talking Tomatoes when she gave us her Italian secrets to tomato gardening, and now she's back to talk about what she's learned with 5 years of edible landscaping under her belt (and a lifetime of general gardening experience). She shares her top 10 tips for Edible Landscaping and Gardening with our audience today and has a LOT to share.

In this episode we learn:

  • My Mom's history as a plant lady
  • Her garden growing up with my Italian Grandparents
  • Her tip for how to memorize your houseplant names
  • Her process for evaluating her new house and figuring out how to start a garden on new land
  • How she chooses plants for her garden
  • How she grew the "Failla Farm" section by section over 5 years
  • Mom's top 10 tips for edible landscaping and beginning gardeners!

Read the top 10 tips on the blog!

Check out the Youtube Tour of my Moms Garden!