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Bloom and Grow Radio

Nov 13, 2017

Today’s episode is with one of my most favorite Plant People I have met yet… Christopher Satch! He is the Plant Scientist and Head of Education at The Sill. The Sill is an amazing plant shop located in Chinatown, NY that not only sells plants, but also hosts monthly educational events and ships potted plants nationwide. They also have created a somewhat cult following on Instagram with over 150,000 followers who drool over their urban jungle inspirations and informative plant care stories.

I’ve had the pleasure of going to one of Chris’s Plant 101 classes at The Sill, which was not only informative, but wine filled, so fun and a great way to meet other Plant Parents in NYC. His wealth of knowledge about every plant under the sun is unparalleled, but what makes him so special is his humor, perspective and openness. I couldn’t be more excited to have him as my first guest!

If you are looking for an amazing, concise overview of the top 5 plant care basics, this is the episode for you!

In this episode you will learn:

  • A little about Chris’s personal journey with plants
  • How houseplants help you reconnect to nature
  • The Sill, it’s mission and how #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
  • Plant 101 courses at The Sill
  • Top houseplants for beginners
  • All beginners are not created equal! Are you a low maintenance or high maintenance Plant Parent- and how that informs which plants you pick.
  • Fun trick to save your plants from your radiators in the winter
  • Houseplant care 101
  • The difference between low, medium, bright light
  • Using plants to expand your mind and practice kindness and understanding

Visit Chris and the team at The Sill at 84 Hester Street in Chinatown or visit to order some of their plants or register for a plant workshop!

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