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Bloom and Grow Radio

Nov 21, 2017

I learned about Summer Rayne Oaks when I first started researching “Urban Jungles” in NYC. She is a Model/Activist/Entrepreneur who is famous for her Brooklyn apartment in which she has over 670 plants. She has dedicated the last decade of her life to being a champion for sustainable practices in the fashion, beauty and food industries.

She wears many hats including being named the first “eco model”. She has a sugar detox program (, a cookbook, a style guide, a podcast (Idea Nosh), and founded Le Souk, a global materials marketplace. She is a serial entrepreneur with a degree in environmental science from Cornell and a passion for plants.

She is the founder of Homestead Brooklyn, a blog and Youtube channel created to help bring more nature to urban living. And to top it all off… she was even the muse and inspiration for the Toyota Prius C! What can’t she do? Her Youtube channel, Plant One On Me is packed with informative videos about plant care and fun DIY projects.

If you are curious about Summer Rayne’s journey to 670+ plants in her NYC apartment, this episode is for you! If you are an advanced Plant Parent looking to nerd out, this is the episode for you!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Plant Swaps as a way to connect behind the Instagram photos
  • Her plant collection of 670+ in her Brooklyn apartment
  • Preparing houseplants for Winter months
  • Bringing Plants in the shower
  • The appealing qualities of Peperomia
  • Best Plants for the Advanced Plant Parent
  • Summer Rayne’s time as an “undercover activist” in the Fashion Industry as an Eco Model
  • Homestead Brooklyn’s mission and purpose
  • The Power of Showing up
  • Practicing patience and going beyond perfection

Follow Summer Rayne at

Instagram @homesteadbrooklyn

Facebook @homesteadbrooklyn

YouTube @summerrayneoakes "Plant One On Me"


Twitter: @sroakes