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Bloom and Grow Radio

Dec 19, 2017

Meagan Rosson is the creator behind the Instagram account: Plant_Lady_is_the_New_Cat_Lady. Her two gorgeous cats: Mack and Brooklyn, are quickly becoming “Instagram Famous“ due to Meagan’s hilarious Instagram stories of their impressive acrobatics around her one bedroom apartment and their relationship with her growing collection of 60+ plants.

Meagan and I met early on in both of our plant journeys and have watched each other’s love for plants grow. Since I have no pets, I knew Meagan would be the perfect person to discuss the ups and downs with living with cats and plants and the toxic plants to avoid if you have Cats. We have a fun conversation about her hilarious stories of joining her two loves. She also gives some advice and her perspective on how to live successfully with cats and plants, and how to avoid choosing plants that could be toxic if ingested.

Disclaimer: we are not Veterinarians, plant toxicity specialists or plant scientists. If you have questions about plant toxicity we encourage you to check out ASPCA’s website (link below) and make decisions you are comfortable with for your Urban Jungle.

In this episode we learn: - Meagan’s journey from no plants to 60 + plants and the creation of @Plant_Lady_is_the_New_Cat_Lady

- How her love for plants started in a Plant 101 class with Bloom and Grow Radio Alum, Summer Rayne Oakes of Homestead Brooklyn!

- How to make sure your plants in your apartment are non toxic for your cats

- Tips for having cats and plants live harmoniously together - Natural deterrents for keeping your pets away from your plants (links to purchase below) - How to band-aid your plant when your pet nibbles or plays too aggressively with it - A basic guide for how to find out what plants are toxic, different levels of toxicity and where to find solid information to set you up for success - Signs to look for incase your cat has ingested a poisonous plant - Why Meagan thinks everyone should have houseplants

To Follow Meagan, Mack and Brooklyn find them on Instagram @plant_lady_is_the_new_cat_lady

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