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Bloom and Grow Radio

Jan 9, 2018

Michael Perry is the entrepreneur and self titled “geek” behind the “Mr Plant Geek” empire. But he is, in no way, a tradition “geek”. I like to call him the “bad boy of the plant world." You might know Michael from his Instagram account (@Mr_PlantGeek) or which have photos and blogs about the worlds most interesting plants. But they also have a collection of selfies showcasing his rugged good looks, impressive collection of tattoos and ever changing hair color. You also might recognize him from his “Rude Botany” line of t-shirts which have sayings like “Philadelphus erectus” or “Rubus cockburnianus” in bold lettering across the chest. Michael approaches plants with a light hearted, fun approach that is completely unique and absolutely fun to follow along with. But don’t be fooled, although his approach to plants is lighthearted, Michael seriously knows his plants. He spent years developing and creating new creations like the “TomTato” and “Egg and Chips” plants for Thompson & Morgan, England’s largest mail order plant company and has a vast knowledge of all aspects of horticulture. After a long and successful career there, he took the leap to become a full time freelancer as “Mr Plant Geek”. He now travels the world lecturing at different garden clubs, trade shows, and can be seen on QVC, BBC’s Great British Garden Revival and The One Show. His website is the go to blog for topics ranging from plant care, introducing new plants and gardening trends, and even travel tips about his constant travels. Today we have a lovely “plant chat” about many things: from how he built his Mr Plant Geek Empire to his tips for traveling Plant Parents on caring for your plants when you are out of town. Michael is a unique and interesting guy with a lovely point of view and I’m thrilled to share our chat with you! In this episode you’ll learn: Michael’s start at Thompson & Morgan designing the “Tomtato” and “Egg and Chips" plant What new types of houseplants Michael is excited about His predictions for the new hot houseplants to come onto the scene All about Michael’s constant travels and finding houseplants in the wild How he grew the “Mr Plant Geek” empire after leaving his longtime custom created job at Thompson & Morgan Michaels list of his favorite houseplants Tips for caring for your houseplants when you leave for vacation Follow Michael: Instagram: @mr_plantgeek Facebook: @mrplantgeek Twitter: @mr_plantgeek Website: Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: Instagram and Facebook: @BloomandGrowRadio Website: