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Bloom and Grow Radio

Jan 30, 2018

I’m very excited to welcome back Chris Satch to the show! Chris is the Plant Scientist and Head of Education at The Sill ( and is my go to guy for any plant issues I have with my personal collection. The Sill is an amazing plant shop located in Chinatown, NY that not only sells plants, but also hosts monthly educational events and ships potted plants nationwide. I got a lot of requests this winter for an episode on grow lights, and took some time to think about who I wanted my guest to be. I knew that Chris was the perfect person to help break down the science of grow lights because… I don’t really know anything about them! If you listened to Episode 07 with Olena from @TheOperatingSystem when she mentioned her grow lamps, I actually had to ask her what they were because I had no idea you could use light bulbs to help your houseplants grow. How far I’ve come in such a short time! This is a very special episode for Bloom and Grow Radio because it’s the first episode I’ve crowd sourced my listeners for their recommendations on which grow lights THEY use. The first half of the episode is my interview with Chris and the second half is my roundup of all of the recommended bulbs and companies that you all have found success with. Also… DISCOUNTS! I was able to reach out to several of your recommended companies and they have offered special exclusive discounts for Bloom and Grow listeners- so stay tuned till the end to hear about these special offers! If you are interested in learning more about photosynthesis or indoor grow light… this episode is for you! If you want to know what lights other successful plant parents are using and are interested in discounts on some of them… this episode is for you! In this episode we learn: - What photosynthesis is - Why photosynthesis is necessary for a plant - How light appears to the human eye and what it is broken down into - Difference between red, blue, yellow, orange green light and why plants need each type of light - What can happen to a plant if it’s not given a full spectrum of light - Is the Kelvin scale actually important? - The different types of grow lamps and which work best - Crowdsourcing! Which lights and companies you Bloom and Grow plant people are loving! - Discounts! Special discounts for Bloom and Grow Radio listeners from companies you guys have recommended! List of plants that YOU are loving! Modern Sprout ( is offering 10% off for Bloom and Grow listeners with or using B&G10 at checkout. They have two grow light products, the Growbar (which I am currently installing in my bookshelf!) and their Grow House. Their LED lights are full spectrum and have a soft white light and at its highest light, because you can adjust how strong it is, it’s 4500 lumens! The lifespan of their lights runs up to 12 years and the lights produce little heat and are water resistant. My favorite thing about them is they have a 3 setting timer that dims to mimic dawn and dusk and you can set to 8, 12 r 16 hours. Soltech Solutions ( is offering 15% off for Bloom and Grow Radio listeners with the discount code BloomandGrow15. (They are currently having a 30% sale on their website and the Bloom and Grow discount can be applied ON TOP of ther 30%- so that’s 45% total!). They use wide spectrum LED lights that range from 2100 to 4200 lumens (depending on size) and appear soft white and mimic the sun. The lights look real sexy and have a modern, minimalist design that you can install in a variety of ways and come in two sizes. The feature that excites me the most about Soltech Solutions is their beautifully designed industrial floor lamp stands that are adjustable in height. They are perfectly suited for an indoor tree, like my lime tree I'm always talking about, or a fiddle leaf fig or other popular taller indoor plants. Diane from @howtosucculents who was on Episode 3 of the show, @walt_1990, @thelittlestpinecone and @fuccing_succs all say they use the t5 florescent tubes. Olena of @theoperatingsystem who was on Episode 07 shared the lights she uses with me: (she likes the following two bulbs for the arc of they light they provide) Alessia of @apartmentbotanist who is one of my #plantfriendsIRL also sent me her list of lights she loves: (she uses these in her grow tank she created) (she likes these because they easily clip to various surfaces around her apartment) Go forth and illuminate your worlds as you see fit! #keepblooming and #keepgrowing