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Bloom and Grow Radio

Mar 6, 2018

We are so lucky to be joined by Christine from @workhardplanthard ( today to discuss various studies behind how and why plants actually help improve your indoor environment. I have always been intimidated by the actual studies behind how plants clean air and improve people’s mood, since I have no science background. Christine is a full time physician and has done an amazing job compiling these studies and breaks them down into layman’s terms for us today! Christine is also a new plant friend IRL of mine after she opened her home and plant shop knowledge to me on my recent trip to San Diego. We met over Instagram and when I was in San Diego, she picked me up and took me on a plant tour of her favorite local plant shops. I got to see her personal collection, meet her kids and family and it was just the perfect example of human kindness and how we can use instagram to actually get off line and make real life memories. So she is the perfect guest to have on the show as we transition out of Friendship February! In this episode we learn about: - How Christine used plants to heal her stress - Christine’s personal collection - What to look forward to on - The dangers of houseplants - Summaries of various studies proving how plants clean the air and eliminate VOCs - Summaries of studies measuring how plants improve peoples lives in various ways To Follow Christine: Instagram: @workhardplanthard Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: Instagram and Facebook: @bloomandgrowradio