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Bloom and Grow Radio

May 1, 2018

Welcome to Season 2 of Bloom and Grow Radio Plant Friends! I’m so excited that with Season 2, I am launching the Bloom and Grow Garden Club. The Garden Club is my mailing list on steroids with an online community extension. By joining the club ( you’ll get access to the exclusive Bloom and Grow Garden Club Facebook Group, an online community of plant people and a free download of the special Bloom and Grow Radio “Keep Blooming” Print created by Molly Mansfield. I created the Garden Club to streamline my ability to share Bloom and Grow content and offers to you and to make a space for my plant people to empower and help each other with their plant knowledge and plant babies. For more info visit Today we are joined by Mariane Garceau, the Associate Director of the Garden Shop at the New York Botanical Garden. Mariane is a horticulturalist who has spent time in several different aspects of the garden world, from working in landscaping, to owning her own orchid business, to now managing the shop at the NYBG. She gives us a great tutorial on how to keep a windowsill herb garden and best practices for everything from setting it up to properly harvesting the growth. If you live in or around NYC, this weekend is the Specialty Plant Sale at the NYBG and I’m so excited to be participating in it this year. The sale is actually part of an epic weekend which features a demonstration from The Sill on Friday, Saturday I’ll be there in the house plant section from 12-4 and hope you’ll join me for some plant shopping, and Saturday is also the Third Annual Plein-Air Invitational which will feature 20 artists set up around the park painting in real time. I’m so excited for the large array of houseplants that will be at this sale, in addition to a ton of locally sourced herbs, that we can use for our herb gardens after listening to this episode! After my chat with Mariane, stay tuned because I dive into some lighting hacks I used to set up my herb garden, even though I don't have the proper light in my kitchen. In this episode we learn about: - Mariane’s journey to managing The Shop at NYBG - The skinny on what will be at the NYBG Plant Sale this May 5-7 - How to start a windowsill herb garden - Assessing light and what to do if you don't have enough - How to set up your garden - Pots and how their size and material are important - How to care for your herbs once they start growing - Best watering practices - How to properly prune your herbs - Suggested herbs for windowsill specific gardens - My lighting hack I used to put a high light herb garden in my low light kitchen - Special Bloom and Grow discounts for lights to help your herb gardens in low light apartments - For more information to find out about all the events throughout the year Here is the information for the lights I use: Visit and use code B&G10 for 10% off their Growhouse (what I use in my kitchen) or growbar (what I use in my bookshelf) to create your herb garden in a low light apartment Visit and use code bloomandgrow15 for 15% off a grow lamp for larger plants, like indoor citrus (I use their 40 W lamp on my indoor lime tree) Bloom and Grow Radio is an affiliate partner with these companies and receives a portion of this sale at no extra cost to you. Use the discount codes to support your planty dreams and Bloom and Grow Radio all at once! To join the Bloom and Grow Garden Club visit For my Planty Mother’s Day Gift Guide, visit For More information about the New York Botanical Garden and the Plant Sale, visit