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Bloom and Grow Radio

Jul 24, 2018

Today I welcome Molly Mansfield to the show to talk about something I have no experience with- raising babies around a plant collection! Molly is the perfect person to talk about this with, as she grew up with parents who owned a Garden Center and plants played a huge part in her childhood. Now she gets to have plants in her two young boys life! Molly is also the very talented artist behind @mollymansfieldartist and does the most beautiful botanical watercolors. She is a self taught artist living in Austin, Texas with her family. She paints watercolor botanicals inspired by her childhood in garden centers and botanical gardens. She is the brain behind the Bloom and Grow Radio “Keep Blooming” print that is a free download to all of the garden club members.


In this episode we learn:

  • What is was like for Molly to grow up in a Garden Center
  • How Molly’s business transitioned with her first child being born
  • Her journey to finding botanical watercolor as her calling and why it inspires her
  • The inspiration behind the Bloom and Grow Radio “Keep Blooming Print”
  • Her experience with plants in the different stages of her toddler’s life
  • Her special parenting life hack for teaching her kids not to dig around in her plants
  • Safety with plants and kids
  • Plant that are fun to grow with kids
  • How to grow swallowtail caterpillars with your kids
  • If fertilizer types/brands are important when you have kids
  • How to get your kids to eat their vegetables!


Mentioned in the episode:

Molly’s Parent’s Nursery:

The Great Outdoors Nursery:


Special thank you to the Bloom and Grow Radio Media Plant Lady Intern Chelsey Zaplachinski for editing this episode! Check out her incredible planty photos at @plants_vs_cats and @chelseymeganmedia


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