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Bloom and Grow Radio

Sep 4, 2018

I’m thrilled to be welcoming Hilton Carter, or what I like to call him, the “King of Jungle by the Falls” to the show! Hilton is a huge part of the online plant community,  with over 120,000 followers who love his photos of his insanely beautiful and curated collection of plants in his home, and his event space, Jungle by the Falls. In addition to his successful personal Instagram account and acting as the “Plant Doctor” for Apartment Therapy’s new plant themed Instagram @iplanteven, Hilton also has an online store where he sells his personally designed propagation vessels or “cradles,”, and other various plant prints and accessories. AND he just launched his “Service at the Jungle” series, which is a dinner service in his planty Jungle by the Falls event space, that showcases the talents of local chefs along side his incredible plant collection. Hilton has his soil covered hands in many different planty pots and we discuss all of them today, in addition to his tips on styling plants for your personal design aesthetic. 

In this episode we learn: 

- Hilton’s upbringing and how he got inspired to collect plants

- The differences in his plant collection as he has lived in various cities across the country

- His current collection

- How he approaches styling his home with plants

- How different “vibes” bring different plants into a home

- How it’s important to find your number of plants that thrive for your space and not go over it

- How Hilton and his lovely wife divide the plant chores

- Pots, pots and more pots

- The scoop on his propagation cradles

- How to propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig leaf properly

- How Jungle by the Falls was created 

- The genius idea of “Service by the Falls”


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