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Bloom and Grow Radio

Oct 9, 2018

Donna Letier of Gardenity joins me today as the second guest of my Planty Business Series to jam on the topic of growing a business like we tend a garden. Gardenuity creates custom gardens of herbs and vegetables delivered to your door, tailored specifically to your zip code. From the minute I started working with Donna several months ago, I knew this woman was a powerhouse with a story to tell with piece after piece of fantastic advice and a lot of passion for growing. The thing I love about this conversation is that there are nuggets of wisdom in here for people in profession because we talk business, managing people and customer service but through the language of plants.

In this episode we learn:

- How she came to found a company on teaching people to grow

- Her best lessons learned from beginning a business

- Garden analogies to inspire building your own plant business

- The correct definition of hustle

- How important customer service is to building a planty business

Follow Gardenuity: Use code “BLOOM” to receive a free garden inspired sea salt with purchase.

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