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Bloom and Grow Radio

Aug 21, 2018

I’m so excited to welcome my first Australian guest to the show, Scott Cain of the popular Instagram account @Tropicaloco (and another account that gets revealed at the end of the episode). Scott is a graphic designer in Australia ( with an incredible indoor jungle of about 200 houseplants. He shares gorgeous photos of his collection and dreamy balcony on his account @tropicaloco and has a large collection of various Monstera. Since the Monstera has taken over Instagram with #monsteramonday and Scott is such an avid collector of them, I knew he’d be the perfect planty guest to discuss the ins and outs of making this coveted plant thrive in your home. Scott happens to also be the brain behind another drool worthy “plant-stagram” but it’s not only the plants that make you drool on this one… stay tuned till the end of the episode to hear all about it.

In this episode we learn:

- How family traditions inspired his current collection

- Scott breaks down the 200 plants that fill his apartment that are featured on his Instagram account, @tropicaloco

- How Scott has turned Instagram friends into #plantfriendsIRL

- His care secrets for dealing with the Australian summer/winter

- Why people who work from home should have plants

- Monstera care 101: light, watering, fertilizing

- Moss poles, what they are and why/if we need them

- Aerial roots, what they are and can we trim them?

- What fenestrations are - What the difference is in deliciosa/borsigiana/adansonii/obliqua

- Scotts pruning practices for his Monstera collection

- How to take cuttings of your Monstera to make your plant look more full

- Troubleshooting for yellow and brown leaves

- Why the Monstera is such an sought after plant

- What’s up with variegation

- How and why he created @boyswithplants and why he is letting us know that he is the creator

- How to get featured on @boyswithplants

- The scoop on the new Boys with Plants Book!


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