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Bloom and Grow Radio

Mar 12, 2019

Plant Friends! I’m so excited to have my dear friend and Botanical Bro Chris Satch back on the show, to help demystify the latin names of our houseplants we love so dearly. Today we dive into plant latin, some history, troubleshooting, and learn LOTS of nerdy latin words. We hope this episode helps you better understand your houseplants, what families they come from and maybe just gives you some fancy words to pull out at parties and sound fancy with. Stay tuned till the end of the episode because we’ve come up with a fun challenge for our community to participate in, you wont want to miss it- I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

In this episode we learn:

  • Why Plant Latin is so important to know for our houseplants
  • Who Carl Linneus was why he’s important to Plant Latin
  • General Pronunciation guidelines
  • Kingdom, division, class, order, family, genus, species- how these names apply to our plants
  • How houseplants are broken down in Plant Latin
  • What the cultivar and special exceptions for Plant Latin are
  • Resources


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Mr Plant Geeks Rude Botany Line 


USDA Plants Database 

Kew Gardens Resource 


Post your #BAGPlantLatinChallenge by taking a photo of your plant and telling us the latin name, translation and care instructions for it! Let’s learn as a community!

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