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Bloom and Grow Radio

Apr 20, 2021

New Trend Alert! Tiny Plants are the curious collector's dream, and an awesome option for plant parents who are working with limited space OR are obsessed with teensy tiny adorable things like me. Leslie Halleck, one of the favorite recurring guests for Bloom and Grow Radio, joins us again to talk about her obsession with Tiny Plants, tips for caring for them, and a matchmaking session where she pairs the perfect tiny plant for each plant parent personality. Get ready to learn about teensy, tiny adorableness!

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In this episode we learn:

  • [05:29] Leslie shares how she spots plant trends and what the trend of small plants has changed in people’s lives
  • [08:25] How Leslie got into the tiny plants hobby, her internship in the Puerto Rican rainforest, and her history with ferns
  • [14:37] Do micro species have different DNA from regular plants? Why do they stay tiny forever?
  • [18:22] The different tiny plant species featured in Leslie’s book and why you should get into the world of tiny plants
  • [19:11] Why lithops are not beginner-friendly tiny plants and Leslie’s advice for taking care of them
  • [20:47] Caring for tiny plants vs caring for regular plants, is there a difference?
  • [23:18] How taking care of tiny plants serves as a wellness ritual for Leslie
  • [25:25] Hunting for rare species is fun, according to Leslie
  • [26:26] Tiny Plants bonus: know about the best plant vendors for your next tiny plants!
  • [28:10] Where to get the best planty gifts for mother’s day
  • [30:14] Maria’s favorite companion at the end of the day (aside from Billy)
  • [32:11] Maria and Leslie’s current tiny plant favorites
  • [34:51] How to style with tiny plants and why you have more options with them!
  • [38:32] Why Maria is excited to take a deeper dive into the tiny plants world
  • [39:50] How tiny plants make it easier to incorporate nature into your home
  • [41:08] Maria shares one of the reasons she loves and appreciates plant parenthood
  • [42:56] The best tiny plants for mindful plant parents
  • [44:30] Are you a low-key plant parent? Here are the perfect tiny plants for you
  • [45:26] Aesthetic and urban jungle tiny plants for the design-based plant parent
  • [47:25] Edible tiny plants for the urban farmer plant parent
  • [50:15] The tiny plants genus to check out if you’re a curious collector type of plant parent
  • [56:55] Maria sends positivity and love to the Bloom and Grow community

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