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Bloom and Grow Radio

Jul 31, 2020

Hi Plant Friends!

I cant believe the 100th episode of Bloom and Grow Radio is around the corner! Many of you have been around since episode 1, and I'm so honored to have learned alongside you in this three year journey!

The 100th episode will be my top 10 lessons learned from 100 episodes! I want this episode to be all about our community and these 100 episodes of learning, so I'd like to feature YOU and hear what YOU have learned from the 100 episode catalogue!


I'd love you to call in and answer the following question to get featured in the 100th episode!


What has been your favorite episode of BAGR and how did it help you and/or what is the top thing you've learned from listening to an episode BAGR?


How fun will it be for our community to share their most important lessons with each other? The episode itself will turn into a community sourced, education tribute to all of our amazing guests.


Here are the instructions for calling in!



1) Call (203) 998-0394

2) Say and Spell your name and email at the beginning of the message so I can contact you!

3) Share your favorite episode and lesson learned from BAGR in the voicemail!




- Wear headphones with a microphone (way better sound!)

- The google voice only allows for a 3 minute message, so you might want to write out your story, or jot some thoughts down on paper to allow for you to effectively tell your story without getting cut off.

- If your story requires more than 3 minutes, you can call back and leave back to back messages.


Deadline to call is Wednesday August 5th, that's only a 5 days window to call your lessons in, so please do so ASAP.


I can't wait to hear from our community and feature your lessons. Thanks for being part of this beautiful journey and I'm honored to learn alongside and grow with you through every episode.