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Bloom and Grow Radio

Mar 31, 2020

My Fiance, Billy, joins me today to give you the inside scoop on what the last year has looked like for us. As most of you know I left home for an entire year to travel with Cats the Musical, and Billy was left to care for all of our 150 plants all by himself. This was a HUGE undertaking for him, as I was the "primary caretaker" for our plants when we lived together, so we break down exactly how both of us went into this new phase of life and lessons learned along the way. Thank you to Billy, my partner in plants and partner in life, who greets every challenge with an open heart and open mind. I'm so thankful to have you to grow through life with.

In this episode we learn:

  • Billy's reaction to me leaving him with our 150 plants for tour for a year
  • Billy's journey warming to my passion for plants when it began
  • An overview of our "plant pause"
  • How Billy managed caring for our 150 plants on his own while I toured the country with Cats
  • Maria's strategies for helping Billy learn how to care for their plants

Mentioned in the episode:

Billy's first episode on BAGR: Tips for Living with a Crazy Plant Person

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