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Bloom and Grow Radio

Jun 18, 2019

We are so lucky to be joined by Mickey from Mickey Hargitay Plants- THE go to plant institution in Los Angeles for Plant People. Mickey has been in the business of selling plants for 39 years: long before the recent trend has taken over Instagram and millennials. He had his shop in the 70s during the last houseplant craze, and gives us insight into his experience selling plants through several decades. We chat today not only about his long career, but what it takes as a plant shop owner to get a plant from a grower and into their customer’s hands: sourcing, transportation, pricing, inventory and more. Mickey is such a special human and gives us such wonderful insight into his career and his shop.


In this episode we learn:

  • Mickey’s journey into plants and his 39 year career owning a plant shop
  • How houseplant trends have changed over the last 30 years
  • Mickey walks us through his process for running his shop: from sourcing plants, to storing and selling them and ensuring their happiness in your home
  • Best practices for helping your plant adjust to your home


Watch the youtube tour of Mickey Hargitay Plants with Mickey! 

Join us in Philly for a live taping extravaganza at Urban Jungle Philly on June 24!


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