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Bloom and Grow Radio

Feb 19, 2019

Today I’m joined by my plant friend Darryl of Houseplant Journal to discuss the importance of soil aeration and having plants in low Light environments. Houseplant Journal is known for it’s amazing instagram account, blog and now watering can and his forthcoming book! Darryl's instagram bio says “an engineers approach to plant care” and I think that sums Darryl up so well, he has the clinical, thoughtful, inquisitive brain of an engineer, and the passion and enthusiasm of the best of the best plant parents. Darryl is passionate about helping people understand their lighting environment so I thought he would be the perfect guest for this episode on what to do if you are a Plant Person living in a low light home. Plant friends, we get real in this episode. We might say things you don't want to hear, but it's important information to understand how to best set our plants up for success!

In this episode we learn:

  • What’s new with Darryl as he’s built the Houseplant Journal brand and what exciting things he’s up to
  • Aeration, what it is and why it’s important for our houseplants
  • Thriving vs surviving in a low light environment
  • Why understanding our light environment is so important and how Darryl measures his light in his apartment
  • The tough truth about low light apartments, whether you want to hear it or not :)
  • Darryl’s lighting hacks for his low light office
  • Strategies and plants to choose if you live or work in a low light space
  • Low light Hacks

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