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Bloom and Grow Radio

Oct 3, 2019

Plant Friends- I'm so happy to have brought you the wonderful conversation this week on The Science of Soil. It's important for us to understand what makes our soils our plant babies grow so happily (or unhappily) in. I realize in this conversation, I stumbled upon a hot topic that I was unaware of: whether or not peat moss is sustainable. I've had conversations with members of our communities and advisors in the horticultural industry, and I've realized this is an incredibly complex conversation, with many layers, angles and sides.

Plant Friends, I’m learning alongside you in this journey, and thought I’d provide you with some resources for you to further educate yourselves to make your own decisions.

Jane Perrone’s Episode on the sustainability of Peat on On the Ledge Podcast

Dr Mark kindly sent over two websites to learn more about how Canada is regulating their bogs.  (Peat Moss Association in Canada) Information from the Canadian Peat Moss Supplier Metrolina works with.

Other resources passed along from listeners and that I’ve found:

They also have a great podcast, but this is a short blog from 2015

A study from 2009 on research for alternative growing media.

Britain is outlawing it by 2030, big argument against stores a third of the worlds carbon.     Two people with opposing views on Peat Moss that make interesting arguments- there are also lots of comments on the blog you can read. There is a Rules and Regulations Section for Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association