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Bloom and Grow Radio

May 8, 2018

Today’s episode is inspired by our mothers. During my most recent giveaway I did on my birthday, I asked you guys to tell me stories about your #plantfriendsIRL. I was totally ready for fun, heart warming stories about your planty friendships, but what I was not ready for was how many of you wrote about your Mothers and Grandmothers. This warmed my heart so much, because it’s been a very important part of my relationship with my Mom and Grandmothers as well. When I realized this, I knew I needed to shine some light and love on it. So here we are with this Mother’s Day Special Episode.

I sent a prompt on instagram asking you if you’d call in your stories so we could hear them in your voice, and you did. Making this episode was somewhat emotional for me, and felt like such a privilege to hear your stories and celebrate the women who made you. You guys have already met my incredible Mom on Episode 20, when she gave us her advice on growing tomatoes. My Mom has been such a huge part of my relationship with plants… I honestly don't think Bloom and Grow Radio would even exist if it wasn’t for her encouragement and help with my brown thumb at the beginning of my plant journey. She picked up every phone call, answered every question, and always reminded me to calm the hell down, that plants are resilient things, and that “its really not that complicated, water and give them light and you’ll be fine.” I’m also so excited that it is now outdoor gardening season in NY so that I’ll be able to watch my Mom marvel at her pride and joy, Failla Farm, and promise to keep you all posted throughout the season.

Thank you to the following listeners who called in with their beautiful stories (In order of appearance):

My Mom J

Vida of @booyoohorticulturalist

Morgan of @plantingpink

Erika of @blackgirl_plantmagic

Alessia of @apartmentbotanist

Melanie of @pnwonderplants



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