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Bloom and Grow Radio

Aug 8, 2019

Today I’m just intro’ing you to Season 4 and giving you my off the cuff update on what I’ve learned from being away from my plants for 6th months! Sharing recent life lessons, what’s bringing me joy lately and how I’ve been bringing my passion for plants on the road with me. Season 4 will officially launch Tuesday August 13th. Make sure you are subscribed to the podcast so you don’t miss one episode!


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Instructions for being on the Indoor Plant Appreciation Episode!

1) Call (267) 478-2521

2) Please spell your name and email at the beginning of the message so I can contact you!

3) Share your story in the voicemail! Share your favorite story regarding an indoor plant: whether its a fail, a win, a humble brag, or a story of #plantfriendsIRL- your choice!

**Tip: The google voice only allows for a 3 minute message, so you might want to write out your story, or jot some thoughts down on paper to allow for you to effectively tell your story without getting cut off. If your story requires more than 3 minutes, you can call back and leave back to back messages.